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We’re a web design company based in Kansas City focused on providing the best in web design, SEO, & digital marketing services. Our goal is to connect and build lasting relationships with our clients by providing great products and services that enables them to achieve long term growth. We've worked with all types of businesses from small start ups to multi-million dollar international companies. No one is too big, and no one is too small. Scroll down to browse our services, view our portfolio, and contact us when you're ready to start your dream design project .

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Modern responsive design that looks great on any device.


We design with SEO in mind. Site structure, keywords, quality content, and backlinks all has an effect on your Google ranking.


Great content is essential, not only for SEO but for user experience. We can help create the content your website needs.


With access to thousands of stock photos we can give your media content a professional look.


Analytics is key to measuring site traffic and staying ahead of the competition.


Our maintenance packages give you a hassle free experience. We'll update your site as you continue to grow and add fresh content.
  • Great Work! The two co-founding partners are quite impressed with your work and would like to see if you are able to create a similar site for one of their other practice segments?
    Mobileyes Vision
  • Business is growing and I need to expand my website, I actually just got a compliment on my website yesterday. Thanks for all your help!

    Heal Omni
  • This website is 1,000 times better than the previous version, I've already been contacted by an industry leader for a potential business partnership.
    Medical Matcher


How does the whole process work?
Everything starts with a conversation about your goals, purpose, & requirements for the website. Then we'll begin to design and get your feedback along the way. We allow several revisions to make sure we fulfill all your requirements and exceed your expectations. You can learn more about the develoment process on our Web Design page .
How much does a website cost?
This is a good question but not one that's easy to answer. It's kind of like asking how much does a house cost? Well it kind of depends on the house right? We can tell you we're usually extremely competitively priced. We usually start at right around $1,000 and then it goes up from there depending on many factors. You can learn more about website costs from our blog post.
What kind of businesses do you work with?
We've worked with all types of businesses and in a wide variety of industries. We really enjoy working with the small/start-up businesses and watching how much a great website can help them grow. But it's also nice to work with some of the larger businesses who sometimes have very unique and challenging features they want to incorporate into the website. One project we actually worked with . No project is too small or too big we enjoy them all!
How long does it take Dream Designs to build a website?
Again, this depends on many factors but we've built some in as little as couple weeks. Usually it takes a month or two by the time we get through all the revisions and get everything just right. Larger projects make take a little longer.
Do I own my website?
Yes! While most of our clients also have have us host their website for them so they never have to mess with the code or any updates you'll receive all the files from the completed design and we can download all the current files at any given time should you chose to want to host your site somewhere else.

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