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Website Costs & Considerations In 2018

The primary factor in website cost is the complexity of your website. Obviously the more complex (ecommerce, databases, custom applications) the more expensive the website is to build. Another factor to consider is the number of pages you need for your website. Most small marketing business websites can be done in 5-10 pages.

The Cost Breakdown

  • Small marketing website: $1k - $3k
  • Small-medium marketing website, custom features: $3k - $10k
  • Medium-large website, custom features, e-commerce/database back end: $10k+

  • *Monthly Maintenance: $50 - $500

How To Cut Costs

To some the cost of a website may seem like a lot of money. Most web designers cost $50-$100/hr so if a designer is working on that project for a couple weeks you're probably already up to $5,000. However, there are ways you can cut cost and the agency should recognize this and provide a cost savings to you:

  • Create content - Design agencies obviously aren't experts in all industries. So they will most likely need your help coming up with content for your website anyways. Let them know you can provide the content and they can just focus on the design aspects.
  • Provide images - Most agencies have access to a library of images but if you are just needing a redesign and already have images you would like to use that will save the designer time and should reduce the cost.
  • Be flexible with design - Always make sure you're allowed to have a revision or two to provide feedback on the design. But if you want unlimited revisions to update the smallest detail it's going to cost a lot more.
  • Create your own logo - If you already have a logo or want to create your own that can sometimes reduce the design cost.

Choosing A Design Agency - Questions To Ask

Websites are a lot like most things in life, you usually get what you pay for. While we always want to maximize our budget if you go cheap it will probably show in the end. With that said, that doesn't mean you need to buy the most expensive to get good quality. You should look at the agencies portfolio to view their quality of work and see if it meets your expectations. Additionally you should ask yourself these questions:

  • Availability - You want you're website done ASAP but a good designer usually has at least a couple weeks wait. If not, you should be cautious most good designers aren't just sitting around waiting for work.
  • Maintenance - We address this later in the post, but make sure you know how you will make updates to your site. Will you be making the updates yourself or would you like the agency to manage it. There's no right or wrong answer here it's just personal preference.
  • Design Flexibility - We eluded to this earlier about being flexible with the design, but always make sure you get 1-2 revision rounds. Usually 2 or 3 max is enough and what the agency will expect in their price.
  • Completion Date - Make sure you know what the completion date should be and ask for something in return if it goes over. Time is money and your website not being completed affects your business.
  • Original Files - Always ask for the files after completion of the project. the website files along with all images and logos that might have been created. While you might not even be managing the updates of the website or know how to make edits you want it as backup in case you need to work with someone else down the road.

Don't Forget About Marketing & Maintenance

Ok, so you've hired your design agency and they have built your website, it looks great so now what? After your website is built you'll want to focus on marketing so people visit your website. You can do this through various ways, SEO and social media being the most popular. A lot of Agencies offer marketing services if you'd like to pay someone for their help (recommended). Additionally, you'll want to make updates to you website whether it's a new blog post, a new product, a new store opening etc.. You should discuss this with the agency to make sure you know how to make these updates if you don't want to hire them to do it. Typically Agencies have a monthly maintenance package they offer so you don't have to worry about it if you don't want to.


You'll most likely get what you pay for but there's important things to consider when building a website that can affect the cost, make sure you get all your questions answered. Lastly, don't forget to budget for marketing and maintenance as it can be just as if not more important than the design itself.

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