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Impact Medical
Dream Design Portfolio: Mobileyes Vision

The Challenge

Impact Medical was one of our first projects. They were a start up company looking to get into the health care industry selling medical devices, equipment, and supplies. They didn't need or want anything super fancy but needed a website for marketing purposes and credibility in the industry.

The Solution

Being a basic informational website we wanted to add a couple features to improve the user experience and make it more engaging. The home page features scrolling images and text transitions. The products section includes a container box with tabs which gives the user an interactive experience when viewing the products. Lastly, we added a scrolling banner of insurance partners they work with to add to the unique features of the website.

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New website. Completed within three weeks using HTML, CSS, & Java Script


Responsive design makes this website compatible on all devices.

Key Features

Image carousel, content box with tabs, scrolling image banner.
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