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Ragsdale Steel
Dream Design Portfolio: Mobileyes Vision

The Challenge

Ragsdale Steel has been in business for roughly 40 years. They are a well established company with a website already in place. However, it hadn't been updated in a long time and they were looking for a redesign. Additionally, they wanted to add a store to be able to sell their steel grating products.

The Solution

Being a redesign we put our main focus on making sure it looked updated and visually appealing. The home page features a video background of steel structures, counters that count up as you view the page, and a project gallery that is sortable by project name. Last but not least we added an online store which allows customers to purchase grating from the website.

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Re-design. Completed within four weeks using HTML, CSS, & Java Script


Responsive design makes this website compatible on all devices. Modern design with sortable photo galleries and online store.

Key Features

Project gallery sortable by project name. Online store.
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