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Dream Design Portfolio: Mobileyes Vision

The Challenge

Mobileyes Vision is a company that offers an innovative service in the eye care industry. They offer on site exams reducing the time and effort compared to traditional office visits. They're able to provide the same quality of service while making life easier for the client. They needed a website for marketing purposes and also to help explain the services and concept of their business.

The Solution

With every website we build we want it to be responsive and easy to use on any mobile device but especially this website. Their business concept of mobile services meant both employees and customers would be accessing the website on the go so it needed to be user friendly on phones and tablets. In addition to the responsive design, we created pages that explains the companies services and products as well as a page for patient forms so patients can have them pre-filled out before the appointment, shortening the time required for a consultation. Overall the goal was to produce a visually appealing site that was also simple and easy to use from any device and we believe that goal was accomplished. Take a look for yourself using the link below.

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New website. Completed within two weeks using HTML, CSS, & Java Script


Responsive design makes this website compatible on all devices. Modern design with text transitions and hover features.

Key Features

Patient forms can be downloaded from website. Office locations and information available.
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